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The Manxman Group is a broad spectrum consultancy with three principal areas of subject matter expertise: CyberSecurity, Cloud enablement technologies, and access to Federal markets.

Our mission is to inform our clients on what is of value and advantage to them under these headings and provide an optimal path forward through our vendor partners.

The adaptation of Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity solutions has brought a next-generation evolution in prevention and remediation products and services.

The pervasiveness of Cloud Computing models, from public to private to hybrid, determines that competitive advantage for CSPs and enterprises alike requires persistent assessment of best practices among associated component network technologies.

The upside for access to Federal markets is realized in terms of revenue and longevity. From procurement methods to security controls, however, the customer interface has different facets in the public sector. We provide a strategic roadmap for meeting prerequisites and then achieving shortened and efficient sales cycles.



A Note on the Name: "Manxman" [pron: Mangks'-muh-n] refers to an inhabitant of the Isle of Man, a Crown dependency that sits equidistant in The Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. Their motto is, "However you test it, it will stand."


This company and its Team are committed to the support of America's Veterans and Blue and Gold Star Families.

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