The adaptation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for advanced CyberSecurity has reduced the time to containment from the point-of-breach, giving improved automation and orchestration to incident-responders within their forensics process.  Military-grade Red Team/Blue Team exercises have yielded methods and software now being commercialized to provide next-generation protection of enterprise data. TMG recommends these products based on the protection profile of the client.


The myriad benefits of Cloud Computing models – elasticity, mobility, reduced CapEx – flow from new methodologies of resource-sharing that can be at variance with traditional models of security controls, thereby necessitating updated means of risk assessment and protection. The implementation of the hypervisor alone may cause an increase in the attack surface. TMG offers remedies for both CSPs and their component technologies, as well as advising generally on the premier vendors comprising the elements of today's virtualized data center.


 The US Government remains the world’s largest customer. Early to mid-stage network technology companies looking to expand revenues beyond the private commercial sector are well-advised to collaborate when formulating a strategic roadmap for gaining access to Federal markets. From procurement methods to security controls – FedRAMP, DISA, FISMA, and the NIST RMF – the customer interface has different facets in the public sector. All are worth navigating, but done so along a well-charted path.