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Apstra brings network automation based on an open, multivendor architecture to Juniper’s Data Center networking portfolio which has been recognized for the third year in a row as a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center and Cloud Networking. The combined experience of the two companies delivers a proven open, programmable and highly-scalable solution for next-generation data centers and cloud networks, providing customers the clearest and quickest path to automate the data center and introduce AI-driven operations.

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A Container Platform for Performance Sensitive Workloads

Sylabs offers a set of capabilities to the market that lowers the barrier of entry for enterprise teams tackling AI and other performance sensitive application workloads, while enabling absolute secure mobility from the on-prem core, through the cloud, and all the way out to the network edge.

Protects your operating systems and third-party software from vulnerabilities. Asset prioritization and risk analysis consolidated in real-time on one dashboard, with automatic security-patching.  
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 Atlantic Group and Liquid Technology complement our team with the cross-spectrum expertise to scope and co-develop comprehensive IT solutions that synchronize business and digital transformation to optimal realization for our clients.
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"SOWA" is a uniquely comprised solution/service of Core/Cloud and Edge ML/AI, security, sensors, and aerial UAVs for demining and UXO/ERW location, identification, and removal in Ukraine's Farmlands and contaminated areas around the globe. There are others developing  this general concept, but none with this degree of comprehensiveness, precision, and "best-in-class" elements. Navigation kits and sensor fusion algorithms allow for automated flight, collision avoidance, terrain mapping, geo-tagging, and sensor learning as atmospherics change for optimal data capture and analysis.  Onboard computing is containerized and fully encrypted at runtime for security.
 world leading edge AI innovations
Scale out Edge AI deployments, optimise models and system learning for real hardware and build resilience to edge cases and externalities. Orchestrate your deployments and control your costs.
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XIoT Firmware & Software Component Security
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AI-Native Cybersecurity Solutions for Any Situation

BlackBerry Cylance keeps your organization ahead of threat actors with AI-driven security tools that provide best-in-class detection, prevention, and response capabilities. Our highly trained specialists are available to augment your security staff or install our advanced solutions tailored to your exact needs.
Veteran-owned small business serving the defense aviation aftermarket
Fleet sustainment, IETM Development, predictive inventory & supply
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Providing Your Nation Access To Global Liquidity From Your Streets to Wall Street

Javelin Networks was founded by Red Team post-infiltration experts with a mission to stop persistent domain compromise in all organizations around the world. At the forefront of breach containment, Javelin's agent-less solution prevents attackers from using Active Directory credentials to move laterally into the network (acquired by Symantec/Broadcom)

Off-line due to Russian Invasion - Support Ukraine

RMRF offers a comprehensive suite of network, web, and endpoint security services and solutions, from penetration testing and breach containment and mitigation, to digital forensics and identity and access management. They are partnered with Quest, Palo Alto Networks, & IMPERVA, and have UK-based HighCastle, the world’s biggest blockchain-based investment marketplace, as a client. Their flagship proprietary product, LABIRINT, is an AI-based, Deep-Learning deception solution first utilized by the Kiev Police Dept.

Cyber Force Security is a 'Managed Security Service Provider' (MSSP) providing complete endpoint and mobile device cyber protection with outsourced professional monitoring and management. Its Team comprises an aggregate of over 50 years of combined cyber security expertise with associations to some of the biggest names in the industry: Cisco, IBM, Sourcefire and others.

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