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   “However you test it, it will stand.” ~ motto, Isle of Man.

Attributes of resiliency and persistence, truthfulness, and individual personal and professional excellence tempered by the selfless virtues that make for collaboration and team cohesion compose our company character. Our standard is to never over-promise but to always out-perform.  

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Harrison Flynn

Managing Director

Harrison Flynn has 20+ years’ experience as a Business Development executive within the enterprise and consulting aspects of network management and security software, both public and private sectors. He got his start in the industry during the genesis of automated VPNs, Network Access Control (NAC), inter-enterprise application integration (e.g. ERP, SCM systems), MSPs, xSPs, and “Policy-Based Network Management.” These initiatives evolved towards developing the architectures that would in time come to be subsumed under the current market rubrics of “Cloud,” “SDN,” "NFVi" and so forth, as the elements of user-abstraction, off-prem hardware-agnostic management and virtualization eventually became the standards of today’s present-day offerings. So, he's had “a seat at the table” for the industry’s “fast history” over the past few decades.  

As Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Castling Group, he consulted for one of the early companies, AMI, in the Industrial Internet/ “IoT” space.

In the Federal sector, he participated in a Red Cell ConOps with DOD/IDHS for secure, managed communications among multiple networked end-nodes for detection, analysis, and emergency notification in the event of bio-hazard disasters. He has also worked with Cisco’s Public Center of Excellence (COE) in Herndon, VA.


He studied European Intellectual History as an undergrad at the University of California, San Diego, and graduate IT and Management through Harvard University’s generous Adult/Executive supplemental education programs.

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Michael Freidberg
Advisory Board

Michael Freidberg is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with deep professional services expertise, intelligence operations and commercial business experience. He served as an Intelligence Officer in the US Navy Reserve for more than 25 years, including active duty service with the Office of Naval Intelligence, and a deployment to Afghanistan as Chief Staff Officer of Special Operations Task Force – Southeast. His Reserve assignments have included multiple commanding officer tours with Combatant Commands, Special Operations and Navy commands, including United States Tenth Fleet, where he led sailors supporting Cyberspace Operations.

His private sector experience includes 12 years as an Information Technology executive. As a co-owner of an IT consulting firm, he and his partners grew their business focusing on software development and network integration. After selling his firm, Mr. Freidberg then served as Regional Director of Consulting Services for a global IT services company, and as Regional Vice President of Data Center Operations for a large web hosting and telecommunications firm. Moving to the Washington DC area, he then worked for ten years at Booz Allen Hamilton, where his responsibilities included Strategic Planning for the Defense Intelligence Enterprise, as well as Cyber Threat and Counter Terrorism Intelligence Analysis. He currently serves as Vice President for Government Services for a global healthcare company focusing on medical support to expeditionary operations. His portfolio includes solutions development for the US Department of Defense.

Michael attended Princeton University where he earned a Master of Public Affairs; Cambridge University where he earned an M.Phil in International Affairs; and Dartmouth College, where he received an A.B. in Government Modified with Economics. He resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife Melissa Katz, a public relations consultant. They have four children, the older two of whom serve in the US Air Force.

Marcus Rivchin
Advisory Board

Marcus Rivchin Jr served 12 yrs in the United States Navy as a SWCC operator with Special Boat Unit 26 and Special Boat Team 22 and as a SEAL with SEAL Team One.  The main deployment areas were Central and South America and the Caribbean.

In the private sector, Marcus has been a small business owner for eight years, worked on an oil rig in Long Beach, Ca, conducted background investigations as an OPM contractor for Kroll, and has done celebrity security contracting.  Politically active, he has volunteered in a number of campaigns and run for public office himself for FL State Representative in District 117 in 2010.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, he was raised in Miami, FL.  He received an AA in Business Administration with Miami Dade Community College, BA in Finance/International Business with Florida International University, an MA in International Relations through Alliant International University. He is currently pursuing his 2nd Master’s degree in National Security Affairs through Nova Southeastern University and will be employed with USCIS as an Immigration Services Officer.

Andrew Bain
Advisory Board

Andrew Bain founded Atlantic Group, a marketing communications company in Central Europe, in 1992 initially to help grow the nascent marketing communications industry in Ukraine. Over the course of the past 20 years, the company has subsequently grown to 18 operating units in five countries working in media, advertising and strategic marketing.  Apart from serving over 250 international or regional clients, Atlantic Group works in strategic partnerships or joint ventures with global communications companies like Omnicom, Publicis, WPP, Ketchum, Meredith and other international communications networks.


Prior to moving to Europe, Andrew served on active duty in the US Marines stationed in Hawaii, the Philippines, Japan and Korea as an infantry officer.  He maintained his military affiliation through a Reserve commission, currently holding the rank of Colonel.  During his reserve career, he served multiple deployments overseas during Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.  He obtained the alternate MOS of Foreign Area Officer for the former Soviet Union while working with the Defense Attaché Office at the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.  He served with the Marine Logistics Command in Bahrain as well as with the Ukrainian Chemical Warfare Battalion attached to Combined Joint Task Force – Consequence Management during the invasion of Iraq and follow-on occupation.  Subsequently, he acted as Reserve Liaison to the 1st Marine Division supporting their forward deployments to Iraq.


Born and raised in Denver, CO, he received a BA in classical languages from Yale and an MBA from the University of Michigan.  He has also graduated from the non-resident courses for Air War College, USMC Command & Staff College and Amphibious Warfare School. He is married and lives in Vienna, Austria with his wife and two children.


“I have met Andy Bain and he embodies the integrity suggested by his CV, conscientious, honest, hardworking and brave. In the current world climate, the voluntarism of the bad guys grabs all the headlines. The civilized world understandably balks at further involvement in confrontation after a decade of war and three trillion in expenditure. The future may lie in the hands of voluntarism by good guys like Andy Bain.” ~ Forbes

Ryan Rico
Advisory Board

Ryan “Rico” is the founder and President of Personal Protection Principles (P3) Academy, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. He specializes in international corporate and personal defense consulting by managing and guiding highly-sensitive counter-terror and piracy threat-mitigation challenges for selective principals throughout maritime industries like Maersk Lines Limited, gas and oil industries like Murphy, cruise line holdings like Norwegian, and elected officials like Governor Sarah Palin and U.S. Congressional Representatives. After over two decades of serving in the United States Navy SEAL and Special Boat Teams and private protection industries, Rico knows what truly drives success for red-blooded people in an increasingly delicate global market is basing their reasons for what they do on what they “love about life and being alive.”

Prior to his time with P3 Academy, Rico served as President and CEO of Trident Forces, LLC, providing leadership in the areas of international logistics, security, and defense technology research and development, and testing and evaluation. Rico also served as the Director of Security and Chief Compliance Officer for Virtus Security and Centcom Global out of Richmond, Virginia. As a Team Leader and Specialist in Maritime Anti-Piracy Operations, Rico has provided onboard overwatch services throughout 28 deployments for internationally crewed vessels across the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Persian Gulf. His expertise has been called upon to construct training directives for Special Forces and SWAT Team trainees, Law Enforcement agencies, and Department of Criminal Justice certified protection specialists. All these endeavors have spanned 5 continents and over 60 countries.


Rico is completing his MS in Cybersecurity at East Coast Polytechnic Institute.

In Memoriam, G. S. F.

1961 - 2019

Friend, Colleague, Brother, R.I.P.

Greg Fukutomi
Advisory Board

Greg Fukutomi began his career as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, serving in numerous overseas assignments as well as on the staffs of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of State.

Subsequently, in the private sector, Greg applied a focus on strategy and operational leadership in investment management and insurance with tenures as SVP and Vice President at Moody’s and AllianceBernstein, respectively. Prior to that, he was Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of AIG Private Bank’s Asia Pacific region after serving as head of the bank’s New York Office. He also headed several of AIG’s international insurance lines of business.

Greg holds a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from the Columbia University School of Business.

 TMG's Team is honored to include Kevin L. Jackson on our Technical Advisory Board.  

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